After searching high and low, you have finally found your new home. Now comes the question, how to start moving in. Use the handy checklist and tips below to get your move organised.

1. Book a reliable mover company

It is best to book a mover company three to four weeks before you move. This is especially so if you need to move on a specific date, so as to avoid the situation whereby the mover company is fully booked. It is suggested to book a flexible mover company that provides the full range of moving services, including planning and packing boxes, to ensure that your moving experience is smooth and less stressed. (Refer to Aero Movers for recommended mover company).

2. Start packing early

Packing your stuff into boxes can be a time-consuming process especially if you have lots of things to move to your new house. Usually the packing process should start three to four weeks before the move. Start the packing with items that are not in use first. You can also de-clutter by donating or selling unwanted items so that you don’t have to bring these items into your new house.

3. Get a painter for your new home

The best time to paint your new home would be a few weeks before moving into it. This is because an empty house is easier to paint. You would not need to worry about shifting or covering your new furniture to protect it from paint. Hiring a professional painter can help you to reduce painting time and create better painting results for your new place.

4. Change the locks and keys

Install new locks or hire a locksmith to do it for your new home. This is crucial to ensure the safety and security of your new home to safeguard your assets and your family. Better still, install alarm systems and CCTV to provide maximum security.

5. Ensure electrical fittings are serviced and cleaned

Check that all electrical fittings, including ceiling lights, fans, air-conditioner, water heater, and so on are in good condition. Have these electrical fittings cleaned and serviced before moving in so that these will be in working condition on the day when you are staying at your new place. You should get an electrician to check and service these items if necessary.

6. Plan the furniture layout

Before the move, you should have a plan of the furniture layout, ie which furniture to be placed at which part of the house. Measure the size of the furniture and the space in the new house so that the furniture can fit nicely into the designated area. If you are purchasing brand new furniture, do take note of the measurement to avoid getting an over-sized furniture which does not fit.

7. Install curtain brackets

You may hire a contractor to install or fit the curtain brackets for you, or you may do it yourself. Curtains brackets are needed so that you may hang curtains to protect your privacy and for decorative purposes.

8. Clean your new house

A few days before moving in, you can start to clean the new house, especially if there have been renovation or painting works. You can clean the new house with your family or engage cleaning services to save time. As with painting, cleaning an empty new house is easier than cleaning a house full of furniture and boxes. Therefore, it is advised to clean your new house before moving in.

After doing all the above, you are now ready for the big move. Have a great moving experience and remember to change your mailing address after your move.